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A place where your rules apply and where you work on your own terms. If you’ve decided to take your business seriously, a website is a necessary tool to get customers to get you seriously. In addition to the necessary presence on the internet, a quality website also serves to attract potential customers, retain customers to spend more time on your website, and then convert interested customers into customers who are happy to buy again and again.

Dejan Marinkovic an advertising expert makes you stand out from the crowd through:

Creation of informative Web Pages

Creating Lead Web Pages

Creating Lead Web Pages

Creating a Portal

Creation of Webshops

Turnkey (choosing the domain, hosting, and WordPress theme)

In web design I focus on:

Customer Value

One hundred percent! 100% One of the most common causes of business failure, large or small, is its inability to create value for customers. The concept of value is one that is both simple and complex. It is simple because it has only three components, but difficult because the value can only be determined by the client and can include tangible and intangible concepts, such as perception and opinion.


One hundred percent! 100% Real creativity requires knowledge, knowledge of facts from a specific area that interests us and in which we want to be creative. That is why it is said that creativity is connecting old information in a new way. Creative people are generally the most creative and successful in a very small number of areas, often just one. But it is enough to enable them to think creatively and non-automated even outside the area of their narrow interest and activity.


One hundred percent! 100 % Authentic means being who you are in the depths of your soul. This is the person who, when the curtains come down, the world goes silent, when the external lights directed at you go out, who you are then, that’s your true personality without false shine and idealization. Fortunately, our true nature and authenticity are lost somewhere, hidden deep within us but never disappear, our true, real personality is always waiting for us to strengthen, love it as it is, and set it free, among people without fear of rejection.


One hundred percent! 100% We’ve all witnessed phenomenal sales at least once; it’s that feeling when someone sells you something, and you don’t think for a moment if you made a mistake when you made the decision to buy. Are such sellers simply talented at selling or do they have the tricks of successful selling? No, they just mastered the art of successful sales, which you can master too. Selling is nothing more than a process that every customer goes through, and your role as a skilled salesperson is to be the customer’s unreserved support at every point of that process.

Creation of brand websites

The basic goal of every website is to get the necessary information. This is usually information about the company, the services or products you offer, the way you work, your references, and, of course, the ways in which customers can contact you. Such presentation pages are also the most common on the market. If you present yourself in the right way, you will be able to build a solid relationship with customers and gain their trust, which is a prerequisite for any sale.

Creation of lead web pages

Unlike brand websites, the goal of lead pages is to encourage potential customers to take action. Actions can be various, from customers contacting you for more information, signing up for your newsletter base, downloading a price list, or making the conversion you are mostly aiming for – buying your product or service. Lead pages usually have businesses that already have a built brand and trust with customers.

Get to know my way of working

I get to know you

My first step in creating websites is getting to know you, your brand, and your company mission. Only after that do I start researching the content, the branch in which you operate, and researching the market you want to break into or where you want to achieve better results.

We agree on the visual identity

We agree on the visual identity of your company, which includes the use of certain colors, the creation of a logo, and the determination of typography. In this way, your company will be visually recognizable and stand out from the masses of competitors, and a certain color or symbol will be a direct association with you.

I build a good design on a good story

The question of website design and content is often a chicken-and-egg question – which comes first? I will first determine the structure of the website, create the content (texts, graphics, etc.), and then choose a design that will present your brand in full glory and power. No unnecessary clicks.

I am creating a website

After we have determined and agreed on everything, I start creating the website. If I see something tickling, I polish all the sharp edges so that your visitors have the best user experience. And for further monitoring of statistics and advertising, I will place visitor tracking codes on the site.

Feel Free to Say Anything!

Want me to help you with the services we do best? Answer a few short questions and I will contact you with an offer as soon as possible. If you have any amazing ideas just email me. I’m available at the working time (9 AM – 6 PM). or just give me a miss call @ +387 60-356-6996 I’ll follow up.